Saturday 10 September 2011

Objective v. Subjective

First, I'd like to observe that if it's still Friday somewhere in the world (which it is), then I've managed to blog every day this week.

I was actually planning to post last night, but I came up against a philosophical obstacle.  No, really.  I was going to post about my supper, which consisted of one of my favourite quick-but-delicious meals: polenta with mushrooms and a fried egg.  While the polenta is cooking, sauté some chopped mushrooms with some herbs (I like tarragon best but last night I used chervil) and poach or fry an egg.  Pour the gooey mushrooms over the polenta, place the egg on top and season well.   Yummy.

Anyway, the obstacle was that by the time this was all ready, I was hungry and not inclined to delay the eating part of the evening by photographing and documenting the meal.

This morning, I enjoyed one of my favourite Melburnian experiences: the not-so-full-English breakfast at Pope Joan on Nicholson St.  This is a sensory delight, not least because it smells so good: the bacon is extra smoky and the tomato relish they serve with it is a combination of sweet and spicy.  But again, it seems just wrong to interrupt the experience by whipping out my not-exactly-small camera to take photos.

This is why I will never be a food blogger.  I want to enjoy these experiences while I'm in them ... not put them on hold while I take photos.  Or perhaps I can start a revolution in food blogging ... no pictures, just words.

Have a lovely weekend; I hope it's full of yummies.  xxx HTLT

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