Tuesday 20 September 2011

Shoes, Sisters, Sulking

If you don't have sisters, you may want to skip down to the photos.

If you do have sisters, the fact that there have been many intra-family squabbles about who gets dibs on certain items of clothing may not come as a surprise.  (You know: two of you buy the same dress/top/shoes - questions of who bought it first, who's allowed to wear it when are the subject of heated negotiations.)

Recently, there have been some discussions among HTLT's nearest and dearest about who has rights over which colour of a popular brand of runners.  I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I couldn't buy a pair of grey Converse runners because my sister had got there first.


[Sulk, sulk, sulk.]

[Time passes.]

[Discover Converse have done a collaboration with Marimekko.]

I feel better now.


  1. HTLT might want to consider staying in the Antipodes although even that distance may not contain LTLS' fury!

  2. I didn't want clown feet anyway. AND MY GREY CONVERSE HAVE PINK TONGUES.

  3. Ltls only bought The grey ones because ltbs
    Bought red ones

  4. What she said. And my feet do not look like those of a clown ... those of a five year old, perhaps.