Wednesday 29 September 2010


There’s a long list of stuff I need to bring on the hike. Nothing frivolous, all very practical.

For example, there’s my Swiss Army Knife,

My new thermal underwear,

And many pairs of socks.

But I like frivolity and spending much hard-earned cash on hiking socks (holy cow, they’re expensive) is dampening to a lady traveller’s spirits. So I also bought myself a new camera bag that, though practical, is also very fun. (I say new – I actually didn’t have a camera bag before, so it really was a necessity.)

Crumpler is a Melbourne-based company, their mother ship being on the corner of Gertrude St and Smith St in Fitzroy. Their bags have whimsical names and even name tags.

So it’s cute, practical (it has a lifetime guarantee) AND doubles up as a Melbourne souvenir. Hooray for Crumpler!


  1. Send your blog to the companies involved and see if they'd care to sponsor you. After all you're giving them publicity. I' never heard of Crumpler babs before

  2. I gotta Crumpler belt pouch for my camera ... best thing ever ! :) Didn't know they're from Melbourne though, you're a wealth of knowledge :)