Tuesday 7 September 2010

Destination Canberra

Tomorrow I'm going to CANBERRA. I'm excited, which amuses everyone I've said it to here in Melbourne. I think that for most Australians, Canberra = Wolverhampton. (I once spent a weekend there with 100 nuns. It was ... no, I still can't talk about it.)

Anyway, in a nice piece of timing, it has - two and a half weeks after the general election - finally been decided who the prime minister will be. Let me break it to you gently: the guy in the budgie smugglers didn't get in. The red-haired lady did.

I will take my camera with me and try to spot something exciting and capital-city ish with which to amuse you. Fair dinkum!*

Eithne xxx

*Politicians say this a lot in Australia. Apparently it's a vote winner. Who knew?

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