Tuesday 31 August 2010

Photographic Memory

It is odd to me that (as previously chronicled on these pages) I have only the haziest of memories of previous time spent in Australia EXCEPT it turns out that I remember the tiniest details of the time I spent in Queensland.

I remember Noosa beach,

I remember walking along Hastings St (I even, I’m ashamed to say, remember having breakfast here wearing a blue silk bandana on my head.
Why? Why?)

I remember this night club, where my sister Róisín coined the phrase ‘twenty hundred’. She was looking for a snappy comeback to some gormless English kid … but it didn’t come out exactly right.

I remember Wild Horse Mountain where we stopped on our way back to Brisbane to admire the view,

And I took a picture of three lovely ladies, Róisín, Alma and Máire Áine walking back down this path.

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  1. I remember all these things perfectly too, even down to tiny details (what were all the headscarves about btw?) Alma and I are fondly remembering as I type, we miss you x