Monday 16 August 2010

Back from the Goldfields

Well hello there. I’ve just got back from a 28 hour tour of the Victorian goldfields. (That’s Victorian as in the state, not Victorian as in the era. Although, come to think of it, there was a bit of time travel involved.)

The weather was bad and I’ve definitely decided not to become a goldminer: the combination of freezing in a mine underground and freezing in a little tent above ground doesn’t really appeal.

However, I did pack in a trip to Sovereign Hill Open Air Museum, a son et lumiére experience, a tour of Ballarat (including its very Fine Art Gallery), a visit to the Eureka Stockade, lunch in Daylesford, a browse through one of the best secondhand bookshops I’ve ever been to and several sightings of signs warning me about kangaroos and koalas. Pretty good going, no?

I’ll post pictures tomorrow, but here’s just one image I took on the road (actually parked SAFELY AND CONSIDERATELY on the side of the road) between Daylesford and Ballan.

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  1. The problem with very good second hand bookshops is that you think they are good because you find books that you like AND HAVE ALREADY READ.