Thursday 12 August 2010

Didn’t See This Coming, Did You?

The other day, while out walking the streets of East Melbourne, I sighted a very rare and strange beast.

It was so unexpected that it took me several moments to get my breath back (it whipped past me on a roundabout) and stop laughing.

I told some friends, who were skeptical. Where’s your photographic evidence, they wanted to know.

Photographic evidence? I’ll give you photographic evidence.

So, I set off in pursuit of this mythical beast.

Actually, it wasn’t hard – I found it around the corner from where I live.

What’s this?

Is it …

It is!

The Mythical Garda Van of Australia.


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  2. So it is sort of an oxymoron

    A white van which connotes bad behaviour, and the garda symbol which is supposed to connote good behaviour. If I had to guess the provenance I would say it is most likely owned by a criminal element....

  3. I never wanted the evidence, I know you too well for that, but my doubting thomas of a husband is eating his words as we speak!!

  4. Do you remember New Year's Day 2004@ in North Wales, near Queens Ferry we saw a fully fledged Dublin Bus emerge from the mist and disappear again? Sometimes I wonder where it was going and did it ever come back to Dublin or was it making its escape for ever. Like (I was going to use as but like reminded me to tell you and MA to listen to Joe O'Connor on last Saturday's RTE Radio 1 Playback listing the current uses of like) you might have done, may still do.