Monday 7 June 2010

Stonehenge Out the Window

Old joke: American tourist says to local, ‘Great castle [or ancient monument/ruin, as appropriate], but why did they build it so close to the highway?’

The people who built Stonehenge certainly set up shop uncomfortably close to the A303. Not just that, but the road goes from dual carriageway to single lane shortly before Stonehenge. This means you have plenty of time to admire the stones because you will almost inevitably get stuck in the traffic jam across the road.

Of course, for people like me who like the absurdity of taking photos of historic monuments from the car (something about the ironic juxtaposition appeals to my sense of the ridiculous. Why yes – I do have a degree in English literature. Why do you ask?) this presents an ideal opportunity.

So in the continuing series ‘monuments from the car window’ I give you … Stonehenge With Raindrops:

(Without trees)

(With trees)

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  1. stonehenge is a bit of a hole and the visitor centre is pants.