Wednesday 2 June 2010

Postcard to Gregory

Dear Gregory,

I hope you are well. I’m well but I don’t know what happened. FIRST I was watching cartoons with you and Suzie the Dog and then the cartoons were finished and then you weren’t there

and then Auntie Nehneh came downstairs and said well Panda this is a disaster and you were on the AVION and you went to France that’s the name of where we live. Then she said I could be on holidays at Mamó’s house and Mamó said I should have a bath. So Mamó put me in the thing you call the bvwashing and it went round and round and Miffy the Bunny was with me so I wasn’t lonely. Now we are resting while our ears dry.

Dodo is here too and when I’m dry Auntie Nehneh says I can have dodo and we will go on ADVENTURES. I will see you soon love from PANDA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. when did pandaiotis change sex?

  2. a message from Gregory:
    Panda - sorry I left you behind. Don't worry. mamo makes good meatballs and now you don't have to go to school. Tell Mamo if she brings you to France I'll give her a mah. Nehneh reads good stories and the telly is good. If you like you can dig in the garden with my new spade. But don't get dirty again.