Friday 4 June 2010

Look, Gregory! It's the Zoo!

Panda, our mission today is to break away from the tall people and get inside with the animals. Are you with me?


Look Gregory! This is where the tapir lives!

But, so, I’m getting in here with the tapir, right? Right?

Look Gregory! Aww, it’s a baby elephant!

Let’s see. If we climb onto Mama’s shoulders, I can throw you in and then I'll HAVE to come and get you. Simple….

Look Gregory! Here are the penguins. (Please note LTBB blending in with the other kids.)

[Attempts to jump into the water thwarted, Gregory threw his raisin packet in with the penguins. Following an unsuccessful attempt to retrieve it, a hasty getaway was effected.]

Look Gregory! There are gorillas in here!

I can has gorillas? Panda, maybe we can go in through the hole. How are your glass-cutting skills?

Look Gregory!

This lady’s really annoying me. I’m going to take her camera.


Sad to report, for a boy who likes to get hands-on (and take his panda with him) the zoo just isn’t hands-on enough.

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