Thursday 17 June 2010

The Best Street?

A few weeks ago I was (briefly) in London. My friend Jenny organised an amazing treasure hunt around the city to celebrate her birthday – such a good idea and we all got very over-excited by the challenge. It was a great way to remind me how much I love London: it’s like a beautiful, interesting, constantly-changing shop window. Like this one, in fact.

By happy chance, the beginning and end of the hunt were at a pub on Lamb’s Conduit St. This is my nominee for Best Street in London.

It has a vintage pub, a bona fide National Treasure. It has one of the best - and surely one of the most stylish - bookshops in London, Persephone Books.

It has this adorable deli.

It has a fabulous 1950s-style Italian restaurant that does excellent veal parmigiano and where you can order avocado pear as your starter.

I was walking along at dusk on a Sunday evening so everything was closed, but it was still magical.

There are other beloved streets in London, but I really think this might be my favourite.

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