Monday 22 March 2010

Rose Bakery

At one of the yoga retreats that the divine Mrs W and I cooked for, she brought along the Rose Bakery cookbook (I recommend) full of delicious teatime treats.

Later I sought out the Rose Bakery outpost in Dover St Market in London (so cool it makes your teeth hurt, the café is part of the Comme des Garcons concession – but the staff are actually very friendly.) In fact it was there that I had one of the bizarrest encounters of my life, when an American lady turned to look at me sharply, then asked me ‘are those your real eyes?’

Anyway, there are two branches of the Rose Bakery in Paris. One on the Rue des Martyres, the other on the Rue Debelleyme in the Marais. I can see why people in Paris love these places – they’re what French people think of as quintessentially English.

But, the coffee (I ordered a Piggy Latte, such a good idea for a coffeeholic like myself, you get a big jug full of café au lait) and a slice of pistachio cake. This was, I’m pretty sure, a lemon madeira cake recipe to which had been added pistachios. Not that I’m complaining: it was thick with pistachios and absolutely delicious.

(Do you know, I’ve just realised I left the star on the plate. That’s really not like me. I must have been distracted by my view of the kitchen.)

In conclusion, smells like heaven, serves you tap water without you having to ask, vaut le détour.

Rose Bakery, 30 Rue Debelleyme, Paris 3ème.

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