Friday 12 March 2010

Revolutionary Hero, Unlikely Lookalike

This has nothing to do with travel, but I wanted to share with you the amazing discovery I made yesterday. (And this blog is very much about the sharing of amazing discoveries.)

In the course of my research, I was watching documentary footage of Michael Collins (Irish revolutionary hero) and I thought, 'hey - he really reminds me of someone there. WHO? Who can it be?'

And then it came to me. Matthew Perry - better known as Chander Bing from Friends.

Almost twins.

Excitedly, I asked my little sister if I could forge a career by matching Irish revolutionary heroes with unlikely lookalikes. 'No', she answered, 'but there's definitely a website in it'.


  1. What happened to Sam de Valera and Eamon Eagle?

  2. Astounding that it has taken so long for the secret to come out. Michael was indeed my great grandfather. He left Ireland after faking his death and came to Hollywood with Bridie Roberts. Other offspring of that union include my second cousin Julia and Kevin Collins.

    What's the readership of this blog like? Should I be worried?

  3. This is a clear case of the kevin bacon game with irish connections which makes it two degrees of separation and not six

  4. Roisin has since decided that Kenneth Branagh looks more like Michael C. For evidence we offer:

    The fact that he's in uniform is useful, the fact that it's a Nazi uniform is less so but may suggests interesting possibilities...