Wednesday 10 February 2010

Inner City Food Shopping

Two hints to food shoppers in Dublin. The first is the Dublin Food Co-op in Newmarket Square (between Cornmarket and the Coombe). We got some excellent fennel (and I made fennel and chicken gratin with it last night … not bad, but recipe needs work), a handsome squash, some huge eggs and lots of other organic yummies.

There are also stalls selling prepared food, bread, cakes and clothes.

Then we went in search of the Stoneybatter cheese shop, as mentioned in yesterday’s post. And lo, it came to pass that we visited Lilliput Stores, on Arbour Hill, across and down a bit from the prison.

The proprietors of the shop are the people behind the Real Olive Company in Meetinghouse Square Market. I don’t think either Mammy or I was convinced that it was a true cheese afficionado’s shop, but we did get some nice Gubbeen. And if I lived in Stoneybatter, I think I would enjoy having this shop in my ‘hood.

It is coincidence, but interesting, that the areas where these two food emporia are (the Liberties and Stoneybatter) are two that I have long thought I would like to live in if ever I moved back to Dublin (moved back with a salary, that is).

PS this photo is a little bit random, but en route from Newmarket Square to Arbour Hill we passed the Coombe maternity hospital and my mother felt strongly that I should take a picture of it, since it was where she and I first met.

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