Sunday 27 September 2009

A Vehicle for Macaroons

This is Cormac’s birthday cake – which we ate at 1am on Saturday morning. The cake itself was a very dense chocolate moussey confection, but the highlight was the macaroons. I confess to having a macaroon obsession and have been hanging around the macaroon shop in Aix a bit more than is good for me. On Friday I decided Cormac’s birthday cake needed some macaroons to make it complete. My favourites are the dark blue macaroons which taste of jam … I think maybe they are savage myrtille flavour.

I have made macaroons myself (I recommend the Ottolenghi recipe) but I can’t figure out how not to get them to stick to the baking paper. So if anyone out there has any Hints to Macaroon Makers – send them my way please!


  1. My understanding of macaroons is that they are in fact just an excuse for using rice paper. Then it doesn't matter if it sticks.
    I don't know how the professionals do it. Sorcery?

  2. Sorcery or perhaps engine grease. Perhaps I can apprentice myself to a macaroon maker and discover the secret for myself....