Saturday 26 September 2009

Greece: Flashback 3 – Thessaloniki

After almost two weeks in Kariani, I spent a few days in Thessaloniki before going on to Skiathos for Phaedra and Simon’s wedding. I love Thessaloniki – it’s full of Byzantine ruins and it has a great covered market (where I bought an icon of St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers) and lots of beautiful churches. I pretended I was a Mary Stewart heroine and wandered around in my new fish dress and sandals and drank lots of κρύα σοκολάτα – a habit I acquired in Serres and am still trying to kick. I went for a long walk one evening in search of the Byzantine walls. The walk took me uphill for about an hour, where the city becomes a series of villages with narrow streets and steep steps connecting different levels. There were beautiful views all the way down to the sea.

There were no buses back to where I was staying because of a big football match, so I walked all the way with many blisters and devoured a giro as a reward. Mmm, greasy meat.

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