Thursday 24 September 2009

Market Day(s) in Aix

Aix is a very pretty town of many fountains and yellow stone houses with blue and green shutters. It has lots of shops (clearly someone here has money to spend) and markets on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

In the Place de l’Hotel de Ville is the flower market.

Fruit and vegetables in Place Richelme,

with fish off to one side (just by the Pain Quotidien which, as you know, I love, but this one I’m afraid is notable for the surly, slow service. Say that ten times fast.)

Cheese, charcuterie and more produce in Place des Precheurs.

Antiques and crafts around the Law Courts (apparently the wooden dummy is très collectible).

'Fashion’ is around Palais Monclar and on the street with my favourite name of all, Rue Rifle Rafle.

Would anybody like a basket? I'll fill it with sunflowers, fish, tapenade and a moth-eaten fur coat, all courtesy of the marchés d’Aix.

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