Wednesday 23 September 2009

Greece: Flashback 2 - Biriba!

Today I was planning to stalk Picasso some more, but to misquote my friend Mr Burns, the best laid plans of peripatetic aupair/museologists gang aft agley ... Gregory is sick (but on the mend, Mammy) so I'm at home with him and posting another Greek flashback.

In Kariani, Roisin and I spent several evenings playing cards with Panagiota (her sister-in-law) and Nikki, (her next-door-neighbour). I took a while to learn the game of Biriba and Greece were beating Ireland by a shameful margin until the night of the 2000 points, Sakis Rouvas and Johnny Logan. Roisin and I, by a mixture of luck and sabotage, racked up two full biribas, worth 1000 points each and then we all got a bit drunk and very giggly and then I started singing along to Sakis Rouvas on the radio (Sakis was the Greek entry for Eurovision this year and also the subject of much attention here) and then we had a very intense conversation about Sakis and I said, ‘you know, Sakis’ Eurovision hero is actually Johnny Logan,’ and then Nikki jumped up and yelled ‘I love Johnny Logan’ which is why Nikki, Giota, Ro, Natasha and I ended up dancing on the garden furniture singing ‘Hold me now’.

What do you say when words are not enough?

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