Tuesday 31 January 2012

Packing + Maths = Illusion of Control

So, packing.  Item #92 on my life list is 'Master the art of packing a suitcase so I can always travel stylishly.'  This is an art that has eluded me for some time.  I always start with great intentions to create a capsule wardrobe but inevitably last-minute panic sets in and I end up packing for every eventuality (freak blizzards, unexpected invitations to the Oscars, that kind of thing.)

I've decided to approach this scientifically.

Last year, when I spent some time shuttling between Melbourne and Auckland, I developed a plan that kind of worked.  

1 dress + 1 skirt + 1 trousers + 3 tops + 2 cardigans + 3 pairs of shoes = wardrobe heaven?

For five weeks in Melbourne, I've decided on the following - it's based (loosely) on twice the Auckland Equation, bearing in mind that you can't wear exactly the same clothes week in and week out without getting a leetle bit bored.  At least I can't.  So I'm going with a two-week, on-again/off-again cycle.

For working - 
2 dresses + 2 skirts + 2 trousers + 4 tops + 2 cardigans + 2 pairs of shoes + 1 blazer

For evenings & weekends -
1 dress + 1 jeans + 1 shorts + 2 tops + 1 shoes + 1 casual jacket

Just in case of freak blizzards - 
One warm jumper (I can't help it, it's like I hear a choir of Irish mammies in my head asking, 'have you packed your woolly jumper?')

And that's it - I'll travel with my handy dandy trench coat (warm enough for wearing in Ireland on departure / arrival, not too warm for Australia if it gets wet and windy, which it might).

My suitcase is looking a bit more streamlined than usual as I've resisted the urge to pack all of my favourite clothes.  I've also kept to a strict every-top-has-to-go-with-at-least-three-other-things rule so I can mix and match.  Plus I keep reciting the following mantra: there have WASHING MACHINES and SHOPS in Australia.  

So, is this the magic formula?  I'll let you know...

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