Tuesday 3 January 2012

Escaping the Gloom

New Year's eve in Dublin was dull and gloomy.  My sisters and I agreed we were Christmassed out (we reverted to our teenaged selves and moped around the shops but even chips and cokes couldn't cheer us up.)  Tired of my surroundings, I clicked my heels and headed for the fragrance, warmth and flora of South Africa.


Birds of paradise:

See, it must be South Africa, there's even a sign:

My little hut in the jungle:

Suspending disbelief a little too much with that last one, perhaps.

The fynbos:

Banana palms:

The geometrically gorgeous curvilinear greenhouse:

The greenhouses at the National Botanic Gardens are among my favourite places in Dublin.  Squint, and you can block out the grey Irish sky and fantasise that you're somewhere warm and exotic.

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