Tuesday 22 November 2011

Liberty London

I have been giving this matter some serious thought over the past few months and I think that I can conclude that Liberty is the best one-stop shop in London.

(Mr Honey with the shopping bags in the fabric department.)

Reason # 1: The nicest, most enthusiastic, passionate-est staff.
Every salesperson I have ever spoken to in Liberty's behaved as though the best thing to happen to them all day was for me to come in to their department.  They are well-informed, interested, super-friendly and extremely professional.

Reason # 2: The Arts & Crafts building.  It's amazing.  Carved wood, faux-Tudor details, exquisite staircases (how many department stores can say that?), the bazaar-style lay out.

Reason # 3: The delightful mixture of high end, high concept, interesting fashion and objects (i.e. not the same old clothes and furniture you see everywhere) and staying true to their roots with ...

Reason # 4: The fabric department.  Be still my heart.  EXQUISITE patterns, many archival, not at all crazy expensive - it's the way to add a little luxe to the make do and mend ethos.

(I bought this fabric to make cushions to beautify the small 'ouse.)

Reason # 5: The Scarf Hall.  They have a scarf hall.  And my dear the scarves - divine.  (I have a vintage Liberty scarf from Cambridge Market: pure silk, beautiful red and blue pattern, wear it all the time, outstanding condition.)

Look, I hate the over-use of the phrase 'curated' (call it professional courtesy) - it gets applied to everything from parties (yes, really) to playlists, BUT, but, but - if ever oh ever a shop there was that deserved to use the term it's Liberty of London.  Everything in the shop has been carefully and cleverly selected so that, while you won't find the biggest range in London, I truly believe you'll find the most interesting.



Although I am the holder of a Liberty Loyalty Card, they are - sadly - not paying me in vintage print fabrics for this outpouring of love.  

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