Wednesday 27 April 2011

Sunday, Georgie and Sunday, Mirka and Me

On a crisp, golden autumn day, I went to Heide Museum, the former home of Sunday Reed (Sunday 1), with Georgie and her little girl Sunny (Sunday 2).

Apart from the fact that Heide has a stunning collection of Australian art set in beautiful grounds, we were there specifically to see the Mirka Mora retrospective.  Mora is an artist I've come to know and love since living in Melbourne; born in France, she emigrated to Melbourne in the 1950s.  Her work has echoes of Matisse and Chagall, but her stylised birds, people, fish and flowers create a magic all her own.

She's still alive and painting and created this mural on the window of Heide I (the Reeds first home at Heide) as a tribute to John and Sunday Reed, her friends and patrons.  


Georgie and Sunday,

Mirka and me.

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