Wednesday 13 April 2011

Halfway Day

When I was at home for Christmas, I described to a friend my feelings about the different cities I've lived in.  London was the first serious relationship; it had a big impact and I'll always think of it with affection - but it was time to move on.  Cape Town was the holiday romance: gorgeous, hot, I'll treasure the memories always, but not long-term material.  And Melbourne - I really thought Melbourne might be 'the one', but then I decided we were just going to be good friends.  

That was in December.  Since returning to Australia in January, I've realised that Melbourne has got under my skin.  I really love it and yet, and yet, and yet - it's just so goddamn far away.  I think ours is destined to be a long distance relationship, conducted via email, skype and the occasional brief visit.

Why am I thinking about this today?  Because today is halfway day.  As of today, I am into the second half of my stay and experience tells me that the second half always goes by faster than the first.  Which makes me think two things:
1. It's not that long before I go home.  Yay!
2. It's not that long before I go home.  Make the most of the time I have left here.

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