Monday 25 April 2011

Happy Easter! (I'm Still Here)

The problem with having a blog that you update (semi)regularly is that when you go quiet for a few weeks people start to wonder and even worry.  Thank you for the messages of concern.  No, I'm not dead, or in a ditch or even stuck in New Zealand.  But if I have a hint to offer travellers to New Zealand it is that free wifi is not standard in hotels - of course you can pay for it and the price of a small car will buy you about an hour online.

So since your correspondent last checked in 12 (oops) days ago I have:
- been back to Heide
- been to Auckland
- done lots of work 
- climbed a volcano (and had weird dreams afterwards)
- had a drink in the Hilton in Auckland Harbour and watched the container ships load and unload (I find this mesmerising and could watch for hours) - the Hilton looks like a ship and has a great view over the water
- been to St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne for the Easter Vigil (two and a half hours, including archbishop, baptism, much incense, two choirs, 20 seminarians - where did they find so many young would-be priests??? -  and kneelers with no padding.  Hard core.)
- been to the Melbourne Comedy Festival
- drunk champagne outside in the unseasonably warm sunshine
- started running again
- eaten chocolate, because it's Easter and it is my duty.

I hope your past fortnights have been equally varied and fulfilling and I promise, hand on heart, that there will be more blogging this week.

With love (and best wishes for ANZAC Day - you should try an ANZAC biscuit, they're delicious) from HTLT.

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