Tuesday 29 March 2011

Waiheke + Wine = Win

I'm catching up on the backlog of posts.  One of these days, I'll even get round to posting pictures of Toronto from last December.  (I'm almost certain I was there, but my memories are very hazy and jetlaggy.)  But first I have to clear out the more recent adventures.  So, let me see, the Sunday before last I decided to visit a mildly tropical island in Auckland Harbour - Waiheke (excellent tropical name, no?)
Because I was on my own and didn't feel like cycling or driving, I signed up for a wine tour - yes, that's right, a tropical island with wine.
This was an excellent way to spend the day: 
admiring the scenery, admiring the wine,
admiring the scenery with a glass of wine in hand 
(This was Te Phau: delicious wine, by the way.)

And look - it wasn't my imagination (or the wine) there were some llamas there too.
I did get a little sunburnt, but this was a small price to pay for a lovely day.

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