Tuesday 15 March 2011

Guest Blog: Toronto/St. Patrick

Kia ora from Auckland!  (You never stop learning: kia ora is, it turns out, NOT just the name of a fruit drink with a catchy jingle, it's actually a Maori greeting.)

I am planning to update from here, but yesterday Lady Traveller's Big Brother (nothing sinister, actually my big brother) sent me the following guest post about the St Patrick's Parade in Toronto.  Hurrah!  

March in Toronto and it's getting warmer (although the doomsayers here exaggerate a lot about the weather). LTBB and LTBBW decided to go for a walk this afternoon [Sunday] and we bumped into the Toronto 2011 St Patrick's day parade! It was a relatively big event in a very multiicultural city with some interesting mixing going on. 

True to all St Patrick's day parades there were dodgy floats pulled by dodgier tractors (note the legs of the man sitting on the toilet):

Lots of irish dancers, cold majorettes and a large, yellow, irish school bus:

There was a bloke on a lawnmower handing out chocolate:

The usual groups of people walking down wearing green t-shirts with catchy phrase (Irish for a day) or with shamrocks:

There were marching bands - the Clare/Galway chinese marching band:

Proud Cork people:

St Patrick:

A "grand marshal" (Brendan O'Carroll):

and my personal favourite, the Ontario Delorian society with real, live Delorians made in Belfast (one was kitted out like the Back to the Future car):

Can't wait for next year, maybe we'll join in?

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