Monday 28 March 2011

Broadsheet Café

Allora.  Back in Melbourne, where it seems the reports of summer being over may have been premature.  25 degrees today, baby!

Spent Saturday recovering from two intense weeks in New Zealand and Sunday on my own Melbourne walkabout - five hours wandering the city, appreciating all the things that make Melbourne, Melbourne.  Including: great breakfasts (although I still can't bring myself to adopt the local habit of avocado, feta and lemon on sourdough first thing in the morning), interesting and unusual shops, pretty parks, eye-catching buildings and excellent coffee.

This last brings me on to an excursion I made a couple of weeks ago.  Broadsheet is a Melbourne magazine (mostly online) that champions the best the city has to offer.  The Broadsheet Café was a pop-up coffee shop where the best coffee makers in the city were invited to take up residence over the course of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

The day I went, the lovely folk from South Melbourne's Dead Man Espresso were in charge.  

Great coffee, excellent croissant and a fabulous selection of reading material.

Very Melbourne, very cool, very fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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