Monday 28 February 2011

Monday Blahs

Feeling a little blue after the weekend?  I confess to being faintly azure myself.  It's a very grey and rainy day here in Melbourne, almost (though I don't want to admit it) Autumny; I had a serious wardrobe malfunction on my way to work (strategic button came off my dress) and got splashed with mud.  My meeting got cancelled, but I didn't get the message until I was already at the venue.

But that's okay: tonight we're having chicken curry tv dinner in front of the Oscars, and I just finished watching this video, which cannot but make you smile.


  1. I had Major Monday Bllleeeeeeuuuuugggghhhs today, but it's nearly over now. it seems that monday is just monday whichever hemisphere you're in! x

  2. Sorry about the bleeeeughhs but I hope the dogs 'n' cats 'n' dogs 'n' cats made you smile. And yes, sad to say, Monday sucks the world over! Ex