Tuesday 20 October 2009

Working on my Mean Face

I’ve been told that when I’m walking around Cape Town I should wear a Mean Face.

I lived in London for six years. I passed through Vauxhall Tube Station (London’s grimiest tube station TM) on a regular basis. I can walk past panhandlers, tramps, Big Issue sellers and gangs of teenage boys with the stoniest of stony faces. (Inside, of course, my heart is like butter, but they don’t need to know that.)

But stepping outside here I see bright colours everywhere. The hot blue sky, the reds and greens of the buildings in Woodstock, palm trees and lilies on the side of the road, Table Mountain for background. I see this outside my front door …

… and I feel the corners of my mouth creeping up. So for the past two days I’ve been walking around Woodstock biting my cheeks. I hope it looks like a Mean Face. I have a suspicion, though, that it looks like a Stupid Face.

(Sorry about the flash reflection … it was dark in my room and I was in a hurry. Also, there’s only so long I want to make faces at myself in the mirror.)


  1. It's definitely a Mean Face, but I think it might belong to the hardbitten star of a gorgeous black and white movie. She's probably a reporter or something and will never find Love because she is too dedicated to her career.
    Until she finds a man who can stand up to her, that is.
    It gets my vote, anyway.

  2. I like your mean face.it looks a bit like the face of the extinct hominid in the lecture i'm currently supposed to be paying attention to.i wonder when australopithecus eithnensis diverged from the human lineage...

  3. why does anonymous insist on being anonymous? is she trying to conceal her erudition?the face has the blank expression i see in front of me every day!

  4. I would like to point out that anonymous has at least once been a he. when the he-anonymous was complaining about the she-anonymous.

  5. Well, I'd rather be a hardbitten reporter looking for love than an extinct hominid, so that gets my vote. Though somewhat crushed to learn that my Mean Face makes me look like a vacant teenager. I'll keep practicing.