Friday 16 October 2009

Touching Down in Cape Town

I have been in Cape Town for a whole 24 hours now (my flight was an hour early! Isn’t that almost unheard of?) and I can’t blame jet lag for feeling spaced (oh and by the way, it’s only a one hour time difference from Dublin/London at the moment, not two as I was blithely telling everyone) but at the same time it does feel quite surreal to be here. I will resume posting of my usual ramblings about things I see and do soon, but in the meantime, and in no particular order, here are some things that have been running through my head since I arrived.

  1. Best Hint Ever: plant friends in all the places round the world that you might want to go to so they can come and meet you at the airport. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have managed on my own … but I can’t tell you how nice it was to be met.
  2. Table Mountain really is a very cool mountain to have in your back yard.
  3. It’s Spring here. For some reason this is more confusing to me than if I had arrived in a full-on heatwave.
  4. As before, I don’t have enough socks. You can never pack enough socks.
  5. Universal adaptors don’t work in South Africa. Does this mean that South Africa isn’t in the universe?
  6. Small boys with blond curls make me smile. Luckily, where I’m staying happens to have a very nice one in stock.
  7. It turns out I actually had a 30kg baggage allowance. Will the thought of the extra shoes and books I could have packed torment me for the next three months?
  8. This is a proper adventure now, make no mistake.


  1. why on earth did they give you 30kg?? That's so unfair! I got a measly 20!

  2. They clearly recognised that I was a person of superior character, deserving of an extra 10kg luggage. But just look at the bright side - now I'll be able to bring home pressies!

  3. I wonder who was moaning about 20kg!!
    Rue Montorgueil says hi on this cold, but sunny morning