Friday 30 October 2009

Prints from Zimbabwe

I spent all day yesterday helping to put up this show.
I’m used to exhibitions that take months – if not years – to go from conception to opening, so this was something of an eye-opener for me.

I felt like Lenore (heroine of Acorns and Stew, the best children’s book in the world ever) – who ‘cut and sawed and hammered with nails, and painted with brushes that were dipped in big pails’. I hung prints and held spirit levels and passed nails and stuck press-stick (this is South African for blu-tac) and typed labels and printed labels and glued labels and stuck labels.

But doesn’t it look good? (She asked modestly. But actually the prints themselves are fabulous - colourful, diverse, thought-provoking.)

The prints are all by Zimbabwean artists living and working in Zim and the work reflects their circumstances there.

Here are Portia and Gareth, two of the artists:

If you happen to be in the Cape Town area you should come and see – and take the opportunity to snap up a limited edition print by a Zimbabwean artist.


For those of you eager to hear me on Bush Radio, I’m sorry (not really that sorry) to disappoint but I don’t think they run to a ‘listen again’ service. But if you want to try, go to their website I would like to point out that this was not my media debut. I appeared on Action, Station, Saturday at the age of nine dressed as an ultra-violet ray. Really, it’s a wonder I’m not more scarred by the experience.

Happy weekend!

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