Wednesday 6 August 2014

Caledonian Sleeper

In the spirit of what seems to be catch up week on the blog, here are some photos from the Caledonian sleeper between London and Glasgow.  The train leaves Euston just before midnight and arrives in Glasgow around 7am.  If you're a sound sleeper, you might get six hours' sleep - and certainly the process of getting on and off the train beats the stress of processing at the airport, not to mention you depart from and arrive to the centre of the city.

The accommodation isn't fancy but it's clean, the staff are friendly and the bar has an excellent selection of single malts.

Here are some photos taken around 6am from the window of my compartment, just before the steward brought me a cup of tea and a piece of shortbread.

It's not quite the glamour of rail travel we yearn for (which is probably more informed by Poirot TV adaptations than reality) but it's a pretty civilised way to travel.

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