Monday 5 May 2014

Welcome to Lesotho

Let's just draw a veil over my absence in April, shall we?  If I had an excuse it would go something like:  Lesotho!  Plane!  Deadline! Work! Plane! Deadline! Deadline! Plane! Plane!


So, Lesotho.  Extraordinary country - nothing about it was quite what I expected.  I knew it was small, and I knew it was remote, but it wasn't until we touched down at Moshoeshoe I International Airport that I realised that this was a whole 'nother adventure.

Adventures including, but not limited to: Mountains! Driving*! Cows! Cowherds! Dinosaurs! Rondavels! Rock art!

Stay tuned.

*My driving experiences in Lesotho will form the subject of a dedicated post.

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