Thursday 15 May 2014

Dinosaur Hunters

In which LTLS and I walked in the footsteps of dinosaurs.

The museum and archive at Morija introduced us to the story of dinosaurs in Lesotho:

Inspired, we decided to hike up the nearby mountain where, we were told, you could see dinosaur footprints.  Directions were a little on the hazy side though, and we had a few false starts just in finding the start of the track, though eventually we did.  We had been told to follow the red arrows.  And to begin with they took us along a pretty woodland path, leading to even prettier clearings like this one.

The lake proved to be a bit of an obstacle because this is where we lost the red arrows - for the first time.  After slipping and sliding halfway up one mountain and slipping and sliding back down again when we realised we were well on our way to being lost, we finally refound the arrows on the other side of the lake.

We continued, up a steep path, pushing our way through trees, bushes and brambles.  The views kept our spirits up ...

... right until the point where we lost the red arrows for the second time.  The trail just stopped dead.  We tried going straight - nothing.  Tried going up - nothing.  Tried going down - still no sign of dinosaurs.  Eventually we retraced our route to the point where the arrows stopped.

Hey, wouldn't it be funny if the arrows stopped here because this is where the dinosaur footprints are - but we didn't notice?


I have to say that putting my hands into dinosaur footprints - which look as though Lesothosaurus had just run up the side of the cliff in a recent mudslide - was a real thrill.

So our scrambling was not in vain.  Though by the time we lost the red arrows for the third time, we were ready to retire from dinosaur hunting.

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