Thursday 20 June 2013

Untouched Ireland

Or, unretouched Ireland.  As with yesterday's photos, today's scenes are from the glorious Sunday at the beginning of June I spent in and around the fishing village of Kinsale.  Here is the evidence, completely un-photoshopped.  Yes, it really was that sunny.

The photos were mostly taken on our walk around James Fort (or James's Fort), named in honour of King James I and built to keep out pesky Spaniards, mostly.

View of the inlet,

and view back to Kinsale.  I've decided I'd like to live in the cottage with the red door.

We then went to the Old Head of Kinsale (head as in headland) where I stopped to admire this shrine and the flowers.

The untouched highlight might have been our encounter (which, sadly, isn't photographed) with a game of traditional road bowling.  Something like French boules crossed with golf, this is a competition that takes place along country lanes where people try to get a metal ball along a certain distance* in the least amount of throws.  Being in the middle of a crowd of oul fellas taking their time, playing a game that probably hasn't changed in detail since James Fort was built was a delightful experience.

All in all, it was one of those days that reminds me how beautiful and special my home country is.  (Funnily enough, those days happen most often when the sun shines.)

*Distance from pub to pub.

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