Thursday 6 June 2013

Bookmarking Amsterdam

I visited Amsterdam last month and was charmed.  It was just after the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander and the buildings were still decked out in patriotic colours, with photos of the new king and queen all over the place.  I was in Amsterdam to work, so my excursions were more in the spirit of bookmarking: noting places I want to revisit next time I'm here (and there will be a next time, of that I'm sure).

I noted lots of street art, 

walked along the canals - particularly in the Nine Streets area,

and took lots of photos of tall, thin canal buildings.  Including several - interesting museums.

I didn't have time for much shopping, but I did buy my little sister a big block of cheese.  Check out this shop - you could smell it from the end of the street!

Everywhere, there were interesting things that caught my eye.  This photo friendly memorial to Rembrandt, for example,

or these plaques outside the Amsterdam Museum.

Perhaps my favourite stumble-upon was this - I had noted on my map some oddly tulip-shaped icons, but didn't work out what they were until I more or less walked into the floating flower market.

Amsterdam, you were interesting and friendly and I can't wait to go back and browse in your Delft tile shops (I had a quick poke in one - exquisite tiles dating back to the 17th century!  Amazing.) and eat more cheese and wander the canals and go to the Van Gogh Museum.  Please save my place for later.

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  1. LTLS had a big block of cheese, which she kept in the main foyer of the White House...