Monday 24 December 2012

Advent 2012: Door 24

Christmas Eve and time for the last door of the Advent Calendar, in which I talk about the new country (new to me, that is) I'd like to visit in 2013 and reveal the countries behind doors 1-23.

So which new country will it be?  Well, as yet, no definite plans.  There has been talk of Argentina, of Botswana, of Lesotho; closer to home there's Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia ... and I have a TON of airmiles that I'm determined to put to good use.  Be sure that I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a few weeks travel-free (next trip: France, but not until January) and wish you all the very happiest of Christmases and a great start to 2013.

Oh, and before I forget - the countries depicted behind the Advent doors are as follows:

Door 1: Greece
Door 2: New Zealand
Door 3: Canada
Door 4: Switzerland
Door 5: Italy
Door 6: South Africa
Door 7: Denmark
Door 8: Hong Kong (yes, I know, I cheated)
Door 9: Ireland
Door 10: Finland
Door 11: USA
Door 12: Singapore
Door 13: Scotland
Door 14: France
Door 15: Wales
Door 16: Austria
Door 17: Japan
Door 18: Germany
Door 19: Australia
Door 20: England
Door 21: Liechtenstein
Door 22: Zimbabwe
Door 23: China

Happy Christmas and happy 2013!

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