Friday 19 October 2012

Stick a Bucket of Rosé in the Fountain

Or - when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

At the beginning of this week I was in the throes of a planning a big work trip when I got news that it has to be postponed.  Leaving me with some unexpected time on my hands and a mild case of the blues. But now that I've absorbed the news, I've started to think about what I can do to turn around what might otherwise be a grey and dull November in the Northern Hemisphere.

In no particular order:

*Wear my turban more often.  Because it is amazing and always cheers me up.  If you see me wearing my blue turban in the street, say hi!  (Because that would also cheer me up.)

*The same goes for bright red and pink lipstick.

*Send parcels.  As much as I love receiving things in the post, I also love the feeling of wrapping up a parcel and sending it on its way - knowing that it's going to brighten someone's day at the other end.

*Tackle my to-do list.  This might not sound like fun but crossing things off it never fails to give me a lift.  I've already scheduled overdue appointments to see the doctor and the dentist, bought sandpaper to sand the drink rings off Granny's side table (sorry Granny - though, let's be honest here, some of those rings were on the table when I got it.)

*Schedule a smaller - but useful and interesting - work trip that I thought I'd have to postpone until next year.

*Reflect on the fact that I have a sister who lives in the South of France.  Put my air miles to use and go visit.

*Catch up on the stack of books and articles I need to read for work.

*Join Meet Up to find fun things - and fun people - in Dublin.