Thursday 4 October 2012

Avocado Glut

Today's featured Lady Traveller is none other than LTLS, my archaeologist sister.


An alternative title for this post could be ‘Advocating for Avocados’, but alliteration (Alliterative Advocacy for Avocados?) is so passé, and besides, do avocados really need advocacy? Perhaps they do here… the Lady Traveller’s Little Sister is in Johannesburg for a week, on her way to do exciting fieldwork with witchdoctors in Lesotho (watch this space). The LT asked her for a couple of guest blogs, but I’m fairly sure this isn’t exactly what she was expecting/hoping for. Tough luck, I’m afraid, because my passion can no longer be kept quiet. I must speak out. I LOVE AVOCADOS. Can you imagine living in a country where avocados can have a season? Where you don’t encounter them, rock hard, freezing and jet lagged in a supermarket aisle, where to buy one costs about the same price as rewiring a house? Can you imagine having enough avocados that you can cook with them, rather than watching them mournfully, waiting for them to become yielding enough to eat?

Readers, welcome to South Africa, where they are currently experiencing an avocado glut. They can be purchased in every shop in Johannesburg, cheap as chips. I can’t get enough of them. Pasta with avocado, avocado salad, guacamole, avocado cheesecake (no lie), and mostly (like just now – I’ve taken to having avocado breaks rather than coffee breaks) just cut in half and sprinkled with lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Happiness. 

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