Wednesday 19 September 2012

La Donna è Mobile

I have recently returned to the original Hints to Lady Travellers for advice.  You see, I have acquired a bicycle and I knew that Ms Campbell Davidson would have something to say on the subject, as, indeed, she does:

Indeed, it is as well to keep up a continued ringing while passing through the streets of a town, or in turning sharp corners, since the noiseless approach of a tricycle renders it peculiarly startling to unprepared minds. Lillias Campbell Davidson, Hints to Lady Travellers.

Here is my bicycle:

This is a Cicli Cinzia 'Boulevard Lady'.  (I know - clearly destined to belong to a Lady Traveller.) Because she is Italian and a Lady she has been christened 'Donna'.  Expect adventures galore - but no continuous ringing, at least not yet.  For all her charms, Donna is not currently equipped with a bell ...

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