Friday 7 September 2012

Hints for the Weekend

I love this time of year!  Indian Summer, a hint of crispness in the air, the excitement of the back-to-school atmosphere (without actually having to go back to school, which I would enjoy less) ... and always, always, many great things to do on the weekend.

Today I bring you hints for this coming weekend - and to avoid disjointing the noses of readers who don't live in Dublin, I'm making this international.  This is what I would be doing if I still lived* in any of these places.

What to do in Oxford:
This weekend the Oxford Open Doors festival is taking place.  This is a chance to get behind the scenes of some of the amazing buildings in the city.  Designed initially for locals but open to visitors too.  So if you want to find out what the dons get up to behind closed doors, or reenact scenes from Harry Potter, or (and I would love this) get a tour around the Oxford University Press, now's your chance.  Booking is required for some events.

What to do in Washington, DC:
If I were in DC this weekend I would be checking out the DC Shorts film festival.  Short films, shown all over the city in great venues and some very fun things like film / food pairings and special viewing parties.  Plus the films look good too!  I'm amused to note that the closing party (next weekend, Saturday 15) is co-sponsored by Kerrygold.  So there will likely be lots of buttery food - and when is that a bad thing, ever?

What to do in London:
It seems like some tickets are still available for the final days of the Paralympics - including the closing ceremony.  You can book at - although I've heard it can be time-consuming ... but still - if you're not in, you can't win etc.   Follow @2012ticketalert on Twitter for more info.
Failing that, I would go to watch some of the fun on the big screens at Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square or Victoria Park.

What to do in Cape Town:
Well, if I wanted to laugh I'd go to the closing weekend of Nando's Cape Town Comedy Festival; if I was looking for something more sombre, I'd probably get tickets for Biko's Quest, a dance piece based on the life of activist Steve Biko.  However, with my new-found love of running and my old-found love of wine, I think I'd eventually go for the Cellar2Cellar trail run.  You have the option of combining trail runs with wine tasting (could be fun! could be dangerous?!) or just opting to run through beautiful vineyards.  Either way a win.

What to do in Melbourne:
Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is currently running and I think it would be fun to go to one of the free runway shows happening in City Square.  Also at City Square are free make-up and hair booths, so you can get styled like a fashionista.

What to do in Dublin:
So many things!  Phizzfest is still running and there's a free performance of Faure's Requiem in St Peter's Church tonight.  Bonus!  I'm singing....
If I weren't going to be there, I would be going to hear the always funny Maeve Higgins at Doyle's Pub.  (In case that's confusing: she's a comedian ... she's professionally funny.)  Tomorrow I'm going on a special fashion-themed Le Cool tour of Dublin (of course I'll be reporting back.  Of course!) and quite possibly visiting the pop-up vineyard in Meeting House Square.

Have a great weekend!

xxx HTLT

*after much consideration, I've decided I can say I've lived somewhere if I've spent enough time there to open a bank account

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