Tuesday 28 August 2012

Still Smitten

So - I visited Helsinki at the end of June.  It was probably clear from the posts I wrote that I fell for the place - completely head over heels.  I was going through some photo files today to look for something else and I found a photo that reminded me of everything I loved about Helsinki.

How beautifully, simply designed. How elegant. How Lotte Reiniger. How gorgeously right for a hairdressing salon to have this above its door - and let me tell you, Helsinki is lousy with hairdressers.  We saw one on every corner.  So having a sign that acts as a visual aide memoire is a great idea.

But this was just one example of thoughtful, simple, beautiful design that we saw everywhere in the city.  And the best part?  It was egalitarian.  Everywhere we went we saw great, affordable design.
Oh, Finland.

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