Monday 13 February 2012

Weekend Digest

Busy, lovely Melbourne weekend.

I reacquainted myself with Armadale, last seen in 2001 (and remembered as the home of the shop selling the ugliest dresses in the world.)
Bought some shoes.
Drank coffee (x multiple instances.)
Watched the rain.
Ate a friand (an Antipodean variation of a financier, but also containing jam and sometimes coconut.  Yum.)
Went to the outdoor, rooftop cinema at Curtin House.
Tried out a new brekkie place for brunch on Sunday with friends (you could go to a different breakfast place in Melbourne every weekend of the year and still have plenty left over.)
Rekindled my love affair with East Melbourne library.
Rekindled my love affair with gin fizzes (my nominee for the perfect Summer drink).


  1. I read that as "ate a friend". I was worried you'd exhumed the cat. Probably isn't much meat on her anymore. Ollie Wrenn on the other hand...

  2. Oi....actually I'm not worried, you totally heart my ollie!!!