Tuesday 28 February 2012

Hipsters - I'm Disappointed in You

Poor hipsters.  The world over, they're mocked for their beards, their plaid shirts, their skinny jeans, their obsessions.  But in Collingwood, Melbourne they have a secure refuge.  All along Smith St you may find shops selling cult vinyl classics, atomic strength coffee and more vintage homeware than you can shake a stick at.

If there were a venn diagram showing where hipster interests and Lady Traveller interests collide, the intersection would be at the point of the curious collectable.  HTLT, she loves a vintage map, a mid-century armchair,  a 1960s kitchen implement ... and is incapable of passing a secondhand bookshop without going in.

On a Saturday morning recently, I went into a vintage emporium in Collingwood and had a lovely time poking around until I saw this:

What happened to not judging books by their covers?  Books are not just for interior design - they need to be read!  Cherished!  Laughed at!

Since this doesn't quite meet the definition of hipster fail, I say (in the words of my primary school headmistress): hipsters, I'm disappointed in you.  

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