Wednesday 3 August 2011

Cape Clear

Sporadic.  Capricious.  Elusive.  Absent.  (Or do I mean absent-minded?)  Hints to Lady Travellers has been all of these things over the past months.

Things are still a bit jumbled as I adjust to being home - or closer to home.  I'm still making sense of it all, but in the meantime, the travelling continues and I have a new project.  This is: to visit all of Ireland's offshore inhabited islands easily accessible by public transport.  It started off as: to visit all of Ireland's offshore islands.  But there are too many.  So then it became inhabited islands.  And then I realised that, since I don't own a yacht, I'd need a relatively cost-effective way of reaching the islands.  This still leaves plenty.

Last week I ticked the first one off my list.  Cape Clear or Oileán Chléire.  We got the boat from Schull on a GLORIOUS day and walked all around the island.  On our way, we ate goats' milk ice cream, took turns pretending to be Peig and played tractor bingo.  (This is tm LTLS and LTBB who, hearing the boat skipper say there were 13 tractors on the island, determined to outdo each other in spotting them all.  They found 10 between them - not bad.)

Here are the photos!

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