Tuesday 21 June 2011

Talking Strain

Yesterday, I had avocado on sourdough for a late breakfast, accompanied by a flat white.  Am I becoming Aussiefied?

Let's see.  I do like avo on toast, though usually I prefer it in the arvo, not for brekkie.  I have my flat whites for morning tea, which is always morning tea, even if it's morning coffee.  In the evening, I like the occasional stubby, Cooper's Pale for preference.  Pot or a pint?  Look, I think it has to be a pint.

I've been to Tassy and the footy and know that, as a general rule, if you can shorten a word and add 'y' on the end you should.  Speaking of footy - I go for the Saints and understand that people who barrack for the Pies are usually mongrels.

I can spot a bogan, a cashed up bogan and other feral types from fifty paces.  I know what it means if someone is spruiking, though I'm still not confident about how to pronounce it.

I've learned the difference between shit hot (good) and shit house (bad), though I was confused for a while. Shit house not to be confused with dunny - the former is an adjective meaning terrible, of poor quality, the latter meaning toilet.

I have had people say g'day to me, not being ironic, but I have never heard anyone call anyone a flaming galah.

When particularly exasperated, I did suggest someone would be unable to secure a root in a brothel.  But eventually I calmed down and realised that she'll be right.  Somehow, she'll always be right.

In summary, my vocabulary is richer, my swearing capacity enlivened and my experience broadened.  And I finally understand what Waltzing Matilda is actually about.  Fair dinkum.


  1. Much Like!!! But you never mentioned wearing the wattle???

  2. It won't be easy ... you'll think it strange - in fact, you won't belieeeeve me, but actually nobody has ever mentioned wearing the wattle. Ever. Never.

  3. Nice to hear a lovely Irish lass may be becoming Aussiefied. :) At the risk of being labelled a know-all bastard, I'll offer a few thoughts. Aussie English is known as Strine - so 'Talking Strine' would be on the mohey. And for your everyday Aussie, Vegemite on toast is the go. On footy, I barrack for the Mighty Magpies, and I was taught Saints fans - among others - were low-life mongrels. Spruiking is quite rare - to wordy for most Aussies - but we pronounce it 'sprooking'. I've been to Tassie too, and it's lovely. But Eithne, and budding lady travellers, be wary of blokes that ask to see your map of Tassie. They're after a different kind of mileage. ;)

    1. Erich, I only just read this now for the first time! Your comment made me laugh so much. Thanks for posting! Eithne