Monday 16 May 2011

Australia: Well-known Eurovision Winners

While I'm sure that some long-term readers of this blog are aware that the Eurovision Song Contest was held on Saturday night, I'm equally sure that it passed others of you by.  Anyway, le Concours Eurovision de la Chanson a eu lieu a Dusseldorf (do you think I could get a job as a host?) and the winner was the Azerbaijani entry.

The Australians are quite keen on Eurovision and show all the semi-finals as well as the final.  This morning, a TV pundit was discussing the reasons why.  So many Australians are of European heritage, he explained; it's a way of connecting with their roots.

And has there ever been an Australian winner?

Why yes, the pundit replied.  Johnny Logan was born in Melbourne and he won Eurovision heaps of times.

The video is pretty funny ... Johnny Logan murmuring 'I still love you Ireland,' and 'come on Ireland'; heinous outfits on the backing singers AND the host has knitting needles sticking out of her ears.

But it also brings back memories of my childhood, when Eurovision was great (and not in an ironic way) and Johnny Logan's win was unimaginably exciting.

Australia, you can keep Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.  But Johnny Logan is not up for grabs.


  1. I think the pins are to hold her neck brace on. After the lobotomy, achieving this was probably quite challenging.

  2. Not only do they have Eurovision but we won it there too.

  3. pahahaha, when I read this first, I thought it said 'Johnny Logan won it and he's been in Melbourne heaps of times'

  4. LTLS, I think you have a point (and I just made a pun!)
    Anonymous, I hadn't seen that, thanks for the update!
    Maire Aine, he probably has been to Melbourne heaps of times too - though sadly not while I've been here (at least, not that I know of.)