Monday 22 November 2010

Avion, Avion

My Adorable Nephew knows where his Mamó lives ('Dublin') and where Yiayia lives ('Serres'). When asked where Auntie Nehneh lives, the cherub replied, 'avion.' And, you know, there's some truth to that - I have been spending a lot of time on avions since Gregory has known me.

Recently I've taken to counting the number of avions between me and HOME. There are eight in all for a total distance of 29772km - and today I ticked the first leg off the list: Melbourne to Auckland.

[I was planning to introduce a new 'airport review' feature to the blog, but failed to do the necessary legwork this morning because I spent all my time in Melbourne Airport queuing. First for an hour and a quarter to check in, then for security (the man ahead of me had locked his laptop in his rucksack and lost the key...), then for immigration, then to board.]

All that queuing makes a girl sleepy so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for my first impressions of New Zealand.

Oh vwah!*
xxx HTLT

*tm Gregory Killian

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