Friday 11 December 2009

Door 11

Look! It's Alma and James under the mistletoe. Two of my favourite people outside my absolutely favourite martini purveyor, Duke's Hotel.


  1. Do events like weddings (and funerals) happen in in-between-time. My classes were doing last June's listening comprehension tests today and the sepulcral voice said, 'scrúdú na hárdteistiméireachta an 12ú Meitheamh 2009, and I was transported to another quite separate sphere, worlds away from seomra 15, nominally in sunny east Cork but does it really exist? Today's picture indicates the same dichotomy/parallel universe or maybe not even parallel more tangential! Whereever it is, I wish I could escape there because I now have a bundle of tests 10cm thick to correct

  2. I promise it really was sunny in east Cork on June 12th - I have photographic evidence. Harder for me to imagine how cold it was at A & J's wedding ... now that I'm into month 7 of my summer! Bon courage.

  3. very hard to imagine how cold it was even here in bright and sunny London today...

    Most envious of your continuing summer and in-between-time - but now we must repair to Dukes for more martinis (the mice miss you).