Monday 24 March 2014

Looking Up: the Blue Mosque

It is interesting how different three women can look when they're wearing head scarves.  In this case, my sisters, 

and my mother.

We were wearing scarves, as all women are asked to do, because we were in the Sultan Ahmet Mosque - or, as it usually known, the Blue Mosque.  Blue scarves and blue - draperies? - are handed out at the entrance to those who haven't brought their own or whose skirts are deemed to be that little bit too short …

Surely it's not coincidence that the fabric matches perfectly the blue flowers of the carpet?

Inside the Blue Mosque we, like almost everybody else there, spent most of our time looking up at the tiles and decorations that have given the Mosque its nickname.

Interesting how the putting on of special garments puts you in a different mood, a different mindset. All the better, perhaps, to appreciate the space.